Accelerating production of forest bioenergy in the Baltic Sea Region

October 2017 -
March 2021

2. Natural resources 2.2 Renewable energy

Baltic ForBio

There is a growing demand for forest biomass from by-products of the wood industry to be used as a source of renewable energy. The project exploits logging residues, which are usually discarded after forest harvests, and small trees that are cut during forest thinning. Along with guidelines for using new technology, the project compiles information on wood energy potential to shape innovative business models and develop small-scale bioenergy plants in rural areas of the Baltic Sea region.

Highlights by mid-term:

A prototype of a decision support tool was developed for organisations that provide consulting services to small forest owners as well as large forest companies. The tool will help them identify plausible harvest and logistics options, choose the proper harvest cost function and logistics cost function, calculate the profit of different options, and identify the most profitable option based on site-specific conditions. The calculations and functions were verified and a preliminary design of the interface of the tool was developed.


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