Baltic Game Industry - Empowering a Booster for Regional Development

October 2017 -
March 2021


Policy area:
1. Innovation 1.3 Non-tech innovation

Baltic Game Industry

Games are the most dynamic creative industry worldwide but business support is often unspecific or targeted at communications technology or media. The project prepares business incubators to effectively support game start-ups. It tests how gaming can be transferred to other industries such as the health sector. It also initiates a change of the business framework to make it more favourable for the game industry.




Our project ‘Baltic Game Industry’ (BGI) aims to foster the game industry in the Baltic Sea region - turning an ambitious game developer scene into a competitive and attractive business sector with sound innovation potential and thus making the region a game hotspot with worldwide competitiveness.


22 partners and 25 associates from eight countries around the Baltic Sea join forces to boost the game industry, contributing to innovation and sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea region. The partners come from public authorities, business development agencies, game business associations, science parks, scientific institutions, and healthcare providers. They work together on framework condition improvements, on making business support services fit for the special needs of game start-ups and finally on new business opportunities for game developers in other industry sectors, such as health care. The core element is the installation of durable game incubators, programmes and schemes for game start-ups across the region.


Baltic Game Industry effectively combines policy and business development. Tailor-made game business support fosters a durable economic growth of this innovative industry in the whole region. The introduction of virtual reality technologies in non-game industries contributes to boosting innovation beyond games. The common branding of the Baltic Sea region as game innovation hotspot will attract international clients, investors, creative entrepreneurs and qualified workforce.

Highlights by mid-term:

The project has analysed the framework conditions for the game industry in Baltic Sea region in order to improve the awareness and, eventually, commitment of policy decision makers regarding the potential, gaps, needs and legislation requirements of the gaming industry. Based on the analysis, the partnership developed an interactive map illustrating the current state across the Baltic Sea region, which covers regional profiles, existing incubators, good practices and challenges.

The partnership developed a methodology of how to set up a successful game incubator that will in turn be tested by project partners in pilot activities. One pilot focuses on incubation programming and financing (Denmark, Lithuania and Poland), the second one on a mentoring system (Finland, Latvia and Sweden) and the third one - on the internationalisation and cooperation in the Baltic Sea region (Estonia, Germany and Latvia).

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