Unlocking the Potential of Bio-based Value Chains in the Baltic Sea Region

January 2019 -
December 2021

2. Natural resources 2.2 Renewable energy


Unlike wind and sun, biomass can be stored and used when needed, making it a reliable source of energy. The BalticBiomass4Value project wants to increase the efficient and sustainable use of biomass for energy production and valuable bio-products, such as food, feed, fertilisers, chemicals and cosmetics.


Biomass as a resource

The economic viability of using biomass for energy and environmental questions, related to e.g. biodiversity and soil fertility, need to be considered. The project BalticBiomass4Value therefore enhances the capacity of public and private actors within the Baltic Sea region to produce bioenergy in a more environmentally sustainable and economically viable way.

New knowledge and technology transfer services

BalticBiomass4Value develops good practice models for small and medium sized enterprises in producing bioenergy and integrated side bio-products in the Baltic Sea region. The models are based on the current mapping of the region’s biomass resources, conversion technologies and value chains, as well as the outlook of the future market.

Public authorities receive training scheme and guidelines on how to improve the regional and local support systems for circular bioeconomy implementation.

Last but not least, BalticBiomass4Value fosters links among academic and research institutions and businesses around the Baltic Sea to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer.


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