Baltic Large Scale Computing

January 2019 -
December 2021

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Innovative businesses such as ship design, marine engineering and biotechnology require access to large scale computing to process large quantities of data. This access is currently limited to global enterprises and large research centres. The project BalticLSC creates a supercomputing environment comprising hardware prototypes, software tools and application recommendations. It offers these services to small and medium sized enterprises for new product development. In this way, small research centres can use their computing resources more efficiently.




Problem: Lack of resources for complex data processings

Businesses based on complex data processing are the future of economy. To make the most out of them means processing extremely big amounts of raw data and performing sophisticated computations, resulting in relevant information. This should be done in a timely manner for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, small companies, independent research centers, startups and innovators often lack knowledge, competence and resources to fully exploit such complex data processing. At the same time, larger companies, research centers and science parks enjoy it on a daily basis and have enough resources to share. So how do we bring the two groups together for everyone to win? The BalticsLSC project tackles this challenge.

Large scale computing could be the solution

Large Scale Computing (LSC) environments with simple specifications for non-IT specialist to learn and use, granting an easy access through Internet for users and developers, can make the difference. It shall be backed-up by a substantial and unified computing platform and computing software developed specifically for this purpose.

The key is cooperation

Technology creators, business development organizations and science parks from eight countries have come together to develop BalticLSC: an LSC environment designed for the Baltic Sea region but also applicable beyond it. It constitutes a cross-national network, allowing to join LSC resources into a coherent system and giving easy access to these resources. BalticLSC is to be validated by possible service providers and end-users, and supplied with business models to succeed.


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