Innovative solutions to support BSR in providing more senior - friendly public spaces due to increased capacity of BSR companies and public institutions

January 2019 -
December 2021

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BaltSe@nioR 2.0

The progressing age of societies in the Baltic Sea region poses a societal and economic challenge to adjust market offers to the needs of the elderly. BaltSe@nioR 2.0 brings together municipalities, universities, businesses and NGOs to create new business models as well as demo spaces in public locations furnished with smart furniture. Through this, the project aims to trigger public institutions and manufacturing companies in the region in starting a transformation of museums, theatres, city halls, restaurants and other public spaces into friendlier places for seniors.


Silver Baltic Sea region

Five nations from the Baltic Sea region are among ten oldest in the world. All in all, 18% of the EU population is now 60+, and the ratio of seniors in societies is growing which poses considerable social and economic challenges.

BaltSe@nioR 2.0 connects municipalities, universities, businesses and NGOs from nine countries around to Baltic Sea to transform public spaces, like theatres, libraries, museums, restaurants, outdoor spaces, into more senior-friendly places.

Open up for knowledge exchange

A BaltSe@nior 2.0 e-book presents success stories of age-friendly public spaces across the Baltic Sea region to enable the regions learn from each other. Model demo spaces in several locations showcase senior–friendly public spaces. A networking group focused on designing for seniors, reinforced by training events, builds the capacity in the region. New guidelines on smart and age-friendly public procurement initiate a discussion on including safety and age-friendly requirements in the production and procurement of furniture for public spaces.

Smart, senior-friendly and planet centred design

BaltSe@nioR 2.0 helps furniture enterprises exploit the potential of creative industries and cross-sectional specialisation, including the implementation of ICT solutions, to develop new business ideas and produce smart furniture that correspond to the needs of seniors. New technologies in furniture design and production consider environmental aspects, the notion of universal design and intergenerational respect for knowledge and experience younger generations gain from older generations.

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