Biomarker Commercialization

October 2017 -
September 2020


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Biomarkers measure cellular, biochemical or molecular changes in human tissues, cells or fluids, and contribute to future diagnostics and treatment. The development of biomarkers is time consuming and expensive, requiring the involvement of industry from early stages to better direct the research. The BIC platform facilitates knowledge and best practice exchange, offering tools that support the various phases of a commercialization process and maturity assessment.


BIC challenges

Biomarkers consist of cellular, biochemical or molecular changes measured in tissues, cells or fluids such as blood, muscles, urine or skin. With the help of relevant tools or technologies, biomarkers can predict, diagnose and provide information on an individual’s health, thus contributing to the development of personalised medicine.

Biomarkers’ discovery form a large potential for new markets, for both researchers, enterprises and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). However, among the research institutions there is general lack of experience of how to bring biomarkers through the innovation processes and into the use in clinical practices. Furthermore, the challenges for market uptake of these innovations are significant, as the development and commercialization of biomarkers is time consuming, difficult and expensive.

Aim of BIC project

BIC develops a platform that provides new tools to support the different phases of a new commercialization process, assessing the maturity level and emphasising the industry expectations. By enabling better and more efficient commercialization of biomarkers, BIC contributes to improving realisation and competitiveness of biomarkers discoveries, and in a long term, it will benefit hospitals and patients.

BIC results 

The expected results are to create: a Biomarker Development Tool; a Screening and Selection Guide; a Framework for Technology Translation into clinical setting; new Business Model Templates; a Biomarker Platform with access to the tools and technology presentations for match making between industry and researchers.

The commercialization tools are tested, verified and adjusted in at least nine pilots based on current biomarker projects among the partnership.

Highlights by mid-term:

The project has established strong links with the Technology Transfer Offices, clusters and technology parks, researchers and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) outside the partnership and has triggered their interest in the tools in development.

The project is proceeding well with the development of a set of tools called the “BiC Master Tool”. The Tool addresses professionals working in the discovery and commercialisation of biomarkers and guides them through the different steps needed to commercialise a biomarker. The partners organised a first series of workshops in Denmark and Finland to test and review first versions of the tool and to acquire knowledge from the professionals who will be using it.

The project also compiled a handbook with best practices and obstacles in the biomarker development, as well as patent protection (intellectual rights) and technology transfer aspects.

Follow-up activities

The BIC project ended in September 2020 with a final webinar marking the launch of the BIC toolset and continues as BiC Bridge project.

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