Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

January 2019 -
December 2021

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The project promotes industrial symbiosis, a concept for sustainable regional development, across the Baltic Sea region. Industrial symbiosis means to connect companies from different industries in order to use one company’s waste, in the form of e.g. energy, ingredients or materials, as a resource for the next company. The project establishes peer-to-peer exchange for industrial symbiosis practitioners. It develops new business and finance models and sets up the BSR Industrial Symbiosis Council as a platform for dialogue and policy learning.




The benefits of industrial symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis is about supporting institutions and organisations from different industries to reap benefits of co-locating suitable companies. In industrial symbioses, public-private partnerships and investments have a dual purpose: to realise both economic and environmental benefits through resource exchanges. Industrial symbiosis improves efficiency and local resilience at the same time.

Promoting industrial symbiosis across the Baltic Sea Region

In the project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis, partners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland are working together to promote industrial symbiosis across the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. Overall, the project builds knowledge and capacity among innovation actors in accelerating industrial symbiosis development through practice-based cooperation. The project points a large number of companies, including SMEs, towards new business opportunities, new value chains and new green business models. In the project partners screen companies, arrange peer-to-peer exchange programs, set up training for practitioners, and facilitate policy learning,


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Project manager

Symbiosis Center Denmark, Kalundborg Municipality

Susanne Boesen

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Legal representative

Symbiosis Center Denmark, Kalundborg Municipality

Michel van der Linden

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Financial manager

Kalundborg Kommune

Karin Snedker Pedersen

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Communication manager

Kalundborg Symbiosis

Nadejda Ulstrup-Hansen