Bioeconomy for Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region – a platform project to capitalize on the outputs of complementary transnational projects

October 2018 -
March 2022


Policy area Innovation
2. Natural resources 2.4 Blue growth

Blue Platform

The Blue Platform promotes results from eleven blue bioeconomy projects from Interreg, BONUS and Horizon2020 for authorities, business development organisations and companies as well as national and regional EU funding programmes dealing with blue growth. To improve the framework conditions for blue bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea region, the Blue Platform compiles a manual with joint standards for blue bioeconomy interventions, a Blue Platform Roadmap 2020, and policy papers on the alignment of funding and legislation.



Advancing the Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea: the Blue Platform Project

The blue bioeconomy covers activities that are based on the sustainable use of renewable aquatic resources, such as aquaculture, mussel and algae farming or marine biotechnology. Such activities are crucial to achieving blue growth, which meaning that maritime sectors are both environmentally and economically sustainable. Luckily, many actors across the Baltic Sea region are already very active in these sectors, and a wealth of past and on-going blue bioeconomy projects and products is available.

Increasing awareness and capacity

Blue Platform increases the awareness of existing blue bioeconomy knowledge in the Baltic, and focuses on streamlining activities both now and in the future. The platform partners develop a manual with common standards; policy papers on how funding and legislation could be better aligned; and develop a Blue Platform Roadmap 2020. The project website features more than 25 past and on-going transnational products developed by more than 10 projects database of baltic blue bioeconomy activities, projects, products and actors and is continuously updated: For example, a natural sunscreen extracted from organic seaweed produced by a Danish company; a Lithuanian start-up using Baltic Sea mollusk shells to prepare artificial bone tissue; a Swedish municipality developing a new type of fish feed from seaweed washed ashore.

Become involved with the Blue Platform!

The Blue Platform is leading the Baltic Blue Bioeconomy Community through a dynamic website and web-based products, as well as by bringing people together face-to-face. Meet the project platform partners at one of the seven transnational workshops during the Blue Platform Roadshow, follow #BluePlatform on social media or visit the website.


Highlights by mid-term: 

The partners structured the knowledge from numerous EU funded projects along eight topics: mussels, blue biotechnology, aquaculture, macro-algae, maritime spatial planning, multi-use, marine litter, maritime cultural heritage at its hub They continued the development of a good practice manual on Baltic blue bioeconomy products, services and processes. More than 30 experts on the blue bioeconomy around the Baltic Sea shared what made these products, services or processes tested in the projects successful and how they could be used by other organisations like municipalities, companies, networks in the region.

The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region coordinator of policy area Bioeconomy / Fisheries was active in the platform activities, among others working on a policy paper to support national and regional public authorities dealing with EU financial support from different EU funds for the blue bioeconomy post 2020 on the national level in the Baltic Sea region countries.


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