Platform on Integrated Water Cooperation

October 2018 -
September 2021


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More coordinated water management across borders can improve the Baltic Sea environment. The Baltic Smart Water Hub connects water experts from companies, associations, authorities, academia and NGOs. The platform BSR WATER fills the hub with knowledge on the management of smart sludge, storm and waste water, manure and energy efficiency. BSR Water builds on the Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects IWAMA, Manure Standards, Village Waters, BEST and Baltic Blue Growth as well as Interreg Central Baltic’s iWater, NutriTrade, Blastic and Waterchain and South Baltic’s RBR.


The online platform “Baltic Smart Water Hub”

BSR Water develops an interactive online platform about the management of water, namely fresh, sea, storm and waste water management. This platform, Baltic Smart Water Hub, is meant to enable international knowledge and expertise exchange. The open access web portal promotes recent good practices, technical solutions and tools developed in different water related projects. The platform allows a wide dissemination of piloted practices and tools. The purpose of the platform is to help operators to manage the water resources of the BSR smartly.

Improving links and integration among water sector experts

BSR Water brings together partners from different cooperation projects which have generated many replicable as well as unique solutions for smart nutrient management and sludge handling, storm water management, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, manure management and energy efficiency.

Fostering transnational cooperation and disseminating knowledge

Knowledge transfer has a strategic importance and plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable and prosperous Baltic Sea Region. The project aims to enhance continuous cross-sectoral cooperation in smart water management providing a possibility for transnational experience exchange, sharing of good practices and solutions, as well as delivering comprehensive overview of the current and future policy contexts and their impacts in the BSR countries.


Highlights by mid-term:

The partners identified over 60 water management cases from dozens of projects co-financed by Interreg programmes, BONUS research programme and national support schemes. They published them in the Baltic Smart Water Hub at These cases included good practices, technical solutions and tools on how to manage fresh, sea, storm and waster waters more efficiently. To introduce good practices from the hub, the platform partners organised several training events. For example, regional specialists learnt about good practices from the hub on waste water management in village communities. The platform also advanced in creating a network of experts for cooperation in water-related issues. Altogether, 13 experts from Germany, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Austria joined the hub expert network. Compiling all the knowledge from the projects, the platform partners drafted a palette of solutions on recycling nutrients in the wastewater sector. This palette will become an integral part of the new Baltic Sea Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy developed by the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM). In addition, the platform cooperated actively with the coordinators of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: from policy areas Nutri and Hazard as well as horizontal actions Climate and Neighbours.


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