Strengthening the capacity of MSP stakeholders and decision makers

August 2019 -
March 2022


Policy area Spatial Planning
2. Natural resources 2.4 Blue growth


Shipping, aquaculture, nature conservation etc. compete for space at sea. Since the 2014 EU Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive, the countries around the Baltic Sea have been elaborating national maritime plans which help to make the right decisions for a sustainable use of the sea. Yet, the Baltic Sea needs coordinated management by all countries. In Capacity4MSP, partners of eleven transnational projects cooperate to advance MSP across the entire macro-region (Baltic Blue Growth/ InteGrid/ LINes/ RIM/ SCOPE, as well as Pan Baltic Scope, Land-Sea-Act, SeaPlanSpace, MUSES, BASMATI, BALTSPACE).


Why Capacity4MSP?

In the last decade, a significant progress has been made in building cooperation networks and creating a strong policy background for maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea region. Currently, nearly all countries around the Baltic Sea work on their maritime plans, which makes our region a front-runner in Europe and the world. The challenge, however, remains to harmonise national maritime spatial plans, implement, monitor and to evaluate them.

How it works?

Capacity4MSP creates a practically oriented and interactive collaboration platform for knowledge exchange and an intensified dialogue between MSP practitioners, policy- and decision makers and other stakeholders. Capacity4MSP builds on the results of the current and recently completed MSP projects and ongoing MSP processes in the Baltic Sea region. It increases the visibility and impact of projects and builds up on potential synergies. The platform deepens and widens the gained know-how across various sectors and governance levels by synthesising, amplifying and transferring the project outcomes to new practical solutions.

Projects represented in the platform:

Interreg Baltic Sea Region: Baltic LINes | Baltic RIM | Baltic InteGrid | Baltic Blue Growth | Land-Sea-Act | Blue Platform
Horizon 2020: MUSES
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund: Baltic SCOPE & Pan Baltic Scope
Interreg South Baltic: SeaPlanSpace

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