March 2016 -
February 2019


Policy area:
1. Innovation 1.3 Non-tech innovation


The project objective is to build on the advancements of digital technologies and the potential of convergence between digital audio-visual content production industries, such as film and videogames and the education, tourism and health sectors. Techniques of audio-visual, interactive, participatory and multiplatform storytelling and forms of gamification can be used in service of the three sectors. There is a momentum for such inter-sector cooperation to open up the rapidly evolving avenue of ‘crossinnovation’.


Such innovation processes are facilitating the emergence of new markets that could then enable scalable growth for innovating small and medium sized enterprises (SME) or convergent new start-ups, new revenue streams for digital audio visual industries and new cost effective and socially valuable solutions for health, education and tourism sectors.

The project is initiated as despite the potential there is currently no frameworks that would enable these sectors to effectively cooperate in the BSR. Further, regarding the specific sectors, while there are undoubted strongholds in the region, their evolution has been geographically disproportionate – some sectors are stronger in some countries, presenting a case for a transnational approach. The project consortium, therefore, consists of partnering institutions from nine countries that all hold complementary expertise to contribute in order to approach the challenge from different angles and to develop a variety of responses to it. The majority of Cross Motion partners are different kinds of cluster organisations and incubators focusing, in aggregate, on digital media industries and facilitating start-up culture in this broad sector.

Relatedly, one of the main aims of Cross Motion is to establish an inter cluster network between the partners that would enable the endurance of the work started by Cross Motion after the project has ended. The project will also facilitate the parallel international networking practices between the SMEs innovating in this convergent area. It will also raise awareness among the region’s relevant industries by organising a series of high visibility conferences, hackathons and networking events where the project aims to showcase the best practices, success stories and promote cooperation across a variety of borders.

To further drive cross innovations in chosen areas the project will procure the production of innovative prototypes that could be used to showcase the associated opportunities for all parties. Lastly, it will conduct rigorous evidence based research to enable informed decisions at all stages of the project, to learn from its execution and to further enable higher awareness on the nature of cross innovation potentials among our sectoral target groups as well as among innovation policy makers in the region.

Highlights by mid-term:

CM has already reached 83 enterprises via its conferences and hackathons. By bringing together representatives of the audiovisual and creative industries on the one hand, and representatives of the three sectors in focus (i.e. health, education and tourism) on the other, these international events increased the awareness of cross-innovation and new market possibilities. For example, participants from the sector of tourism learned about IT and audiovisual solutions, such as the augmented reality and 3D solutions. Some of the conferences and hackathon events gathered more than 200 participants at a time.

Furthermore, during the first half of the project, most of the prototypes from the first round have been finalised, e.g. an application for pupils to conduct chemical experiments virtually and a virtual art gallery presenting paintings of a Lithuanian artist, M. K. Čiurlionis, along with an audio guide. The teams that were selected for the prototypes have been advised and coached by the living lab on the best ways to find investors in order to develop their business models.

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