Creative Ports - Internationalisation of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Baltic Sea Region

January 2019 -
December 2021


Policy area:
1. Innovation 1.3 Non-tech innovation

Creative Ports

The Creative Ports project brings together public authorities and business support organisations, cultural institutes and researchers to stimulate the internationalisation of the cultural and creative sectors. The majority of design, art, fashion, publishing, audio visual and gaming companies in the Baltic Sea region are medium-sized and often lack the networks to access international markets. Creative Ports provides knowledge, facilitates exchange and develops tools to train and connect business support organisations with public authorities.




Creative Baltic landscape

The Baltic Sea region is a model for the development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation. Although the creative industries sector in the region is characterized by cultural diversity, it has not yet exhausted its export opportunities and transnational cooperation potential. In view of the high economic importance of the sector, public authorities, business development organisations and incubators have the task of supporting and facilitating the internationalisation of companies. However, they often lack sufficient international contacts and experience in cooperation processes. On the other hand, cultural institutes, transnational networks and NGOs are familiar with working on the international stage, but know less about the specific regional strengths, weaknesses and needs of the creative industries.

Bringing together complementary groups internationally

The Creative Ports project brings these different groups together and bundles their competences. 14 partners from the Baltic States - funding agencies, municipalities, international cultural institutes, universities - have joined forces in a consortium led by Goethe-Institut, including the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, ARS BALTICA, the Danish Cultural Institute, the University of Technology Tallinn, Szczecin Media Design Association, Vilnius City or the platform for European-Russian innovation partnerships in St. Petersburg.

Learn from each other and share

The “Creative ports project” improves the exchange and internationalisation processes between the actors of the participating countries. During the project’s workshops and seminars, the partners exchange experience and jointly develop and test formats for networking and training as well as methods of supra-regional cooperation. A publicly accessible learning platform documents the results and provides learning modules to share lessons learned and helpful knowledge. Companies and other players in the cultural and creative industries have access to opportunities for internationalisation and initiate joint value creation.


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