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October 2018 -
March 2021


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The Baltic Sea is one of busiest and most environmentally vulnerable seas in the world. The platform CSHIPP closes the gap between research, business and policy making by establishing long-term knowledge exchange among these networks. This helps the maritime industry reduce its environmental footprint and increase competitiveness at the same time. CSHIPP is based on Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects EnviSuM, Baltic LINes, GoLNG, ECOPRODIGI, COMPLETE and BSR ELECTRIC as well as BONUS project SHEBA and CompMon co-funded by the EU Connecting Europe Facility.



Clean shipping projects synthesising their know-how

Clean Shipping Project Platform, CSHIPP, brings together projects and organisations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region. The objective of CSHIPP is to increase the impact of and connect the dots between the several projects working for clean shipping: as the involved projects look at the topic from different angles, CSHIPP synthesises the projects’ results to give a holistic outlook in a concise and easily comprehensible format.

Environmental performance and business potential go hand-in-hand

CSHIPP activities revolve around two key themes: (1) the environmental effects of shipping in the BSR and (2) the business potential of clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region. By discussing these themes both separately and simultaneously, CSHIPP underlines that environmentally friendly shipping and profitable business are not exclusionary but, in fact, support one another. CSHIPP targets its activities and increases dialogue between three groups of actors in the field of clean shipping: research organisations, businesses/industry and policy makers.

Cross-sectoral dialogue for increased capacity of maritime actors

The Baltic Sea region is a frontrunner in clean shipping. The gap between research, business and policy making, however, hinders further and faster development of the field. By carefully targeting the CSHIPP outputs to the three key target groups, and by bringing them into a dialogue with each other in events and workshops, CSHIPP increases the capacity of a wide range of maritime actors. By showcasing the results of several projects working with these themes, new ideas and synergies can appear. CSHIPP is also a strong voice for the valuable work done in projects which would not be possible without EU funding.


Highlights by mid-term:

The platform partners have synthesised the knowledge from the involved projects in two reports on emissions to water and noise emissions from shipping. Further, to bring research results to policy makers and maritime industry, CSHIPP established an online portal, an inventory of data on shipping emissions and their impact on the Baltic Sea region. The partners communicated these results to authorities and maritime industry at several shipping events in the Baltic Sea region and on the EU level: Donsö Shipping Meet, Shipping and the Environment II, 7th Maritime Congress, European Maritime Days. These results were also taken up by the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) Maritime Working Group towards developing HELCOM clean shipping-related recommendations.

Further, CSHIPP contributed to the discussions within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) Policy Area Ship on the research needs and financing possibilities, and continued bilateral discussions with policymakers from the Policy Area Ship Steering Committee.

CSHIPP started its work on consolidating information on best practices in clean shipping financing for private companies. The partners looked into the possibilities to integrate and blend different instruments so that companies could find the most suitable investment options for their needs.


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