Network of Service Providers for Eco-innovations in Manufacturing SMEs

January 2019 -
December 2021

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A lack of strong ties between small and medium sized enterprises and research centres hampers eco-innovations in the Baltic sea region. In parallel, there is untapped potential of implementing sustainable strategies in business, the example of which is a cohesive delivery of products and services. The ECOLABNET project sets up a network across the value chain of products that integrates product-service system designers, bio-based material researchers, 3D print technology providers, eco-branding specialists and business developers in order to drive sustainable eco-innovations, e.g. in medical diagnostics and electronics.


Introducing sustainable innovation is a driving competitiveness factor for an increasing number of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) around the Baltic Sea. However, access to the relevant services and expertise on eco-innovations is still not sufficient. The project ECOLABNET sets up a network of research facilities to better support SMEs in the Baltic Sea region in implementing environmentally friendly innovations. The areas of focus in the project are bio-based materials, additive manufacturing/3D printing, product service system design, life cycle assessment, eco-branding and sustainable business model development. By creating a closer link between research and business, the project triggers new business opportunities for enterprises that offer services and products manufactured in the spirit of environmental sustainability.

Service oriented approach

The ECOLABNET network consists of eleven partners from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The project partners analyse the requirements of SMEs and business support organisations to introduce eco-innovations successfully. Based on that, the project creates a list of competences and services in need, and develops methodologies for efficient cooperation between SMEs and research facilities. ECOLABNET demonstrates its capabilities to SMEs in practice by developing several prototypes of products that can be used e.g. in medical diagnostics and electronics.


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