Effective Financing Tools for implementing Energy Efficiency in Buildings

October 2017 -
March 2021


Policy area:
Energy, HA Climate
2. Natural resources 2.3 Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency projects are not typical investments: they do not result in direct revenues but rather in non-expenses, i.e. through energy savings. The project enables public building managers to calculate and plan renovation projects in a more profitable way and to convincingly present the scope and return of such investments to financial decision makers. The project thus wants to increase the amount of energy efficiency measures implemented by the public sector.



Financial tools for building managers

The project EFFECT4buildings develops, in collaboration with public property managers, financial tools and methods that help improve profitability, facilitate the financing of energy investments and reduce risks. Examples of this are financial calculation tools, bundling, funding, multiservice contracts, green leasing contracts and economic models for both producing and consuming energy. EFFECT4buildings also connects managers of public buildings with suppliers of technological solutions.

A tool box tested in real-life cases

Financial tools and methods are developed along a number of real cases among institutions participating in the project. Tools are made available online as a toolbox together with White papers that explain how to use them. The project also trains property managers in how to use the tools and increases their ability to convince decision makers to implement and invest in energy efficiency measures.


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