Growing Algae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea

January 2019 -
June 2021

Priority area:
2. Natural resources 2.4 Blue growth


GRASS aims to close the legislative gap for macroalgae cultivation in order to facilitate its introduction to the market as food, energy and consumables, such as plastics. The project maps possible sites for macroalgae cultivation and harvesting, which include implications for spatial planning. It also provides public authorities with training on the licensing, production and use of macroalgae.


Growing algae sustainably in the Baltic Sea

Biomass produced from macroalgae can be used as food and consumables, such as plastics and energy. However, growing and harvesting macroalgae is still in its infancy in the Baltic Sea: there is a lack of in-depth and wide-spread knowledge on the potential benefits. To deal with this challenge, the project GRASS raises the awareness and builds capacities on the macroalgae cultivation, harvesting and use among public authorities and other relevant stakeholders across the region.

Various aspects of macroalgae production in the Baltic Sea region

GRASS collects and analyses environmental data, points out to sites where microalgae can be grown and identifies efficient production methods. Furthermore, the project partners look into current gaps in legislation and regulations to unlock the potential of sustainable production and use of macroalgae, for example as food. This goes in line with developing a decision support tool for macroalgae cultivation, harvesting and use in the Baltic Sea region.

All you need to know about macroalgae

The comprehensive knowledge compiled by GRASS on the macroalgae cultivation, harvesting and application helps regional and national public authorities, such as environmental and planning agen-cies, practitioners, research institutes and related NGOs to understand the benefits of macroalgae production and create favourable conditions for it. By this, GRASS develops blue bioeconomy and triggers blue growth in the Batlic Sea region.


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