Holistic Urban and Peri-urban Mobility

January 2019 -
December 2021

3. Transport 3.5 Urban mobility


The HUPMOBILE’s objective is to provide a holistic approach to sustainable mobility solutions in cities and their perimeters. City authorities, infrastructure operators and transport providers are enabled to assess and integrate innovative mobility options into their mobility management plans and policies, e.g. concerning production and urban logistics, the use of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions, and multimodality in urban transport and travel-to-work.


Holistic approach to mobility solutions

Public authorities and transportation planners lack efficient urban mobility management to integrate sustainable mobility innovations. Mobility and sustainability too often exclude each other, leaving environmentally friendly mobility solutions on a local and pilot state. There is also a growing need to better connect peri-urban regions to port cities, which requires closer regional cooperation.

The project HUPMOBILE develops a holistic approach to planning, implementation, optimisation and management of integrated, sustainable mobility solutions in Baltic Sea port cities. Mobility in this context includes both people and goods (i.e. freight, cargo logistics and delivery). The project addresses innovations in the fields of greener urban logistics and combinations of goods- and passenger traffic, intelligent traffic systems based services, tools for stakeholder participation, and new tools for transportation mobility management and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

Concrete piloting activities

Piloting activities conducted in the cities of Gdynia, Hamburg, Riga, Tallinn and Turku put various aspects of sustainable mobility into test. They include:

  • Logistics flows in and around ports
  • Multimodality in urban transport and travel-to-work areas
  • New operating models for public-private mobility services
  • Co-creation of mobility services and city planning with residents
  • Improving stakeholder processes

Transferable and scalable results

Most successful sustainable mobility solutions are included in the modular online planning tool that helps city authorities, infrastructure and transport providers to assess and integrate innovative mobility options into their mobility management plans and policies. These solutions support the transition from private car-based mobility to more sustainable mobility. A variety of mobility concepts developed by HUPMOBILE increase the capabilities of public authorities and institutions to introduce more environmentally friendly transport solutions in their cities.


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