Innovation Framework for Challenge Oriented Intelligent Manufacturing

January 2019 -
December 2021

1. Innovation 1.1 R&I infrastructures


The INforM project provides support to small and medium sized mechatronics and mechanical engineering companies in the ongoing digital transformation process. The continuous digitalisation of value chains called Industry 4.0 brings with it great challenges for smaller companies. The project plans to enable companies to benefit from the trend towards smart factories, which operate mainly based on intelligent, IT and web-based processes.


The INforM challenge

Industry 4.0 is related to the fourth industrial revolution, which introduces intelligent solutions to the manufacturing industry, turning it into a "smart factory". The process holds huge potential but also considerable challenges for educational systems and industry. In the context of the changes brought by Industry 4.0, a lot of enterprises, especially those of small and medium size, are not capable of remaining competitive on the market.

The INforM solution

The project INforM creates a cross-sectorial Innovation Support Digital Framework to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the digital transformation process. The Framework develops and implements customised smart engineering and educational solutions responding to the actual needs of the enterprises around the Baltic Sea in order to ensure their competitiveness and productivity.

The INforM activities

The project INforM maps challenges in the regions, the regions’ specific competences and existing best collaboration practices. A transregional collaboration model for Innovation Support Digital Framework provides SMEs with access to analyses, knowledge, solutions and case studies. By means of the Smart Solutions Virtual Platform, SMEs receive tailored engineering, educational and consultancy support, assistance to introduce new digital solutions and analysis of their performance afterwards.


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