Market driven authentic Non-Timber Forest Products from the Baltic region - focus on wild and semi cultivated species with business potential

January 2019 -
June 2021

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The maple syrup industry has brought jobs and income to many rural areas in Canada. Mushrooms, berries, tree oils and other biological products from the Baltic Sea region forests could have the very same effect. NovelBaltic wants to increase the competitiveness of such non-timber forest products from the Baltic Sea region. Academia and business cooperate to provide small and medium sized enterprises with new methods that certify the geographical origin of their products faster and cheaper and to evaluate business opportunities in Asian markets.




Authentic products from the forest are in demand

Super foods are a global mega trend because populations are ageing and the health awareness of consumers is growing. Non-timber forest products include highly valued products, such as health promoting foods but also bio-based cosmetics. But: There is a high risk of adulteration when it comes to the real origin of non-timber forest products. To help the reliable non-timber forest product businesses of the Baltic Sea region to grow, it is important to provide proof for authentic raw materials and end products. In the Baltic Sea region, such forest products can create jobs in rural areas since their manufacturing is economically most efficient close to forests and farmlands. The increased export of forest products to selected Asian markets could also contribute to the growth of the business.

NovelBaltic makes Baltic Sea forest industry ready to compete

NovelBaltic develops methods which characterize the authenticity and quality of selected raw materials and products and sets up a digital platform to present such methods. The project reviews the market demand for non-timber forest products in China/Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the project evaluates the feasibility of manufacturing processes for selected raw materials.

Supporting SMEs and R&D institutions

The aim of NovelBaltic is to enhance the business potential of non-timber forest products by developing authenticity and quality demonstration methods for selected materials. R&D institutions dealing with authenticity and quality control will be equipped with the knowledge they need. SMEs receive support in planning their businesses by studying the feasibility of selected technologies and evaluating the needed production volumes. The knowledge and approached gathered in the project are used to improve the market uptake of non timber forest products from the Baltic Sea region in Asia.


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