Product Validation in Health

October 2017 -
March 2020

Priority area:
1. Innovation 1.1 R&I infrastructures


ProVaHealth stimulates cooperation among health laboratories in the Baltic Sea region, which test new products and technologies in real-life contexts. The project shares best practices to improve business models of the labs and helps open access to the services for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from the entire Baltic Sea region to ensure health innovation and growth of health SMEs with global potential.


About Living Labs

The key aspect of Living Labs is the co-creation and experimental testing of products in a real-life context, providing opportunity for client validation, hands-on feedback and customer input for product development. In this way, Living Labs support companies to rapidly commercialise and scale up their innovations and products to the global markets. In the Baltic Sea region, Living Labs exist within several health and well-being areas.

Overcoming barriers for commercialisation

ProVaHealth tackles the challenge of a slow market uptake of innovations as well as Living Lab infrastructures serving locally or regionally only. The project, which involves 14 Labs from the Baltic Sea region, facilitates access to Living Labs for startups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The project works together with ScanBalt and the European Network of Living Labs.

Efficient open access services and product validation

Based on best practices, the project improves the partner labs and their open access services bringing product development services to as many as 300 SMEs. The services shall be visible via an online catalogue. Publicly available products also include a tested Self-Evaluation Toolbox for Living Labs and a transnational Living Lab concept. Furthermore, ProVaHealth involves 30 science parks, incubators or clusters offering services to client SMEs. The project shall end up with 14 partner Living Labs having long term business plans in place and several SMEs - a service and/or product validated.


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