Development, promotion and sustainable management of the Baltic Sea Region as a coastal fishing tourism destination.

October 2017 -
March 2021


Policy area:
2. Natural resources 2.4 Blue growth


Recreational fishing in the Baltic Sea, which partly relies on sea trout, has untapped potential for growth and sustainable jobs. The project aims to showcase destinations for coastal fishing and advise on relevant policy regulations. It proposes solutions for efficient restoration of sea trout stock in order to boost the coastal fishing industry.


Increased fishing tourism

RETROUT develops and promotes the Baltic Sea region as a coastal fishing tourism destination with the main focus placed on the sea trout. This is achieved by triggering cooperation among selected key players, target groups and supporting organisations at each destination.

Sustainable management

RETROUT develops sustainable and efficient management methods for the sea trout in the Baltic Sea region. Research institutes and key project partners provide thematic expertise in the fields of river restoration, tourism development, fishery and ecosystem service management.

Laws and regulations

RETROUT strengthens a governance framework for fishing tourism in the Baltic Sea region. The project and its partners provide guidance in the form of toolboxes for river restoration and fishing tourism. These toolboxes shall be used by authorities to help foster sustainable growth and jobs through appropriate policy and regulatory adjustments.

Highlights by mid-term:

Regional councils and municipalities together with NGOs and universities initiated a destination development programme for coastal fishing tourism. The partners created pilot fishing tourism clusters of SMEs and local authorities in the tourism in Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, coastal community of Viinistu in Estonia, Kurzeme region in Latvia, Klaipeda in Lithuania and Gulf of Gdansk in Poland. Local fishing guides, hotels, boat rental services, tourist offices and local and regional authorities from five partner countries joined this initiative. This “Baltic Sea Fishing” programme will help attract devoted anglers from outside as well as inside the Baltic Sea region.

In parallel, the partners selected trout rivers across the Baltic Sea region as demonstration case studies. They tested different restoration measures such as building of fish ways, biotope restorations, water quality improvement and dam removal plans.

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