Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: Sustainability Toolkit across Baltic Sea Region

January 2019 -
December 2021

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The StratKIT project is about making the procurement of public catering services more sustainable. Public authorities have a large purchasing power and have the ability to give clear signals to the market towards green growth and circular economy. However, public procurement is a complex task and good practices in the Baltic Sea region are mostly isolated. StratKIT brings together public authorities, catering service providers and researchers in a network to set up a toolkit and an online open knowledge platform for sustainable public catering.




Green public procurement for catering services

The public sector in the Baltic Sea region opt for circular economy and show a clear interest in Green Public Procurement when it comes to catering services. In principle, the sector looks for increasing its capacity to act as innovation driver and boost local and regional economy through the collaboration with SMEs. The StratKIT project analyses and tries to understand the local conditions and specific factors enabling or limiting the progress towards increasingly sustainable procurement and catering services. Public organizations and businesses differ. For this reason they need to construct their own developmental paths with their partners, either other public organizations, or commercial and social enterprises.

StratKIT bridges the gaps

The StratKIT project initiates the construction of these paths across the Baltic Sea region by mapping the current situation and creating the ground for networking and understanding the need for sustainable development. In addition, The results of the project’s activities are being fine tuned into a Baltic Sea region sustainability toolkit, which is an easy-to-follow and bottom-up guidance for sector’s professionals. The target is to harmonise processes towards sustainable procurement and catering services across Baltic Sea region, thus strengthening strategic efforts on the organizational and business sustainability path.


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