Smart and Safe Work Wear Clothing

March 2016 -
February 2019
1. Innovation 1.3 Non-tech innovation


The project focuses on mass customisation, and the possibility to integrate IT technology in work wear, as well as to enhance supply chain management. The objective is to develop the work wear clothing industry in the Baltic Sea Region and prepare it to meet competition from new producers and imports from other parts of the world.


Each country participates in the project with two pilot small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and a higher education or a research institute. One of the SMEs is a producer of work wear and the other is a customer using profile clothing.

The measurements for staff using work wear and profile clothing are accomplished by means of a 3D body scanner. End users can come from different branches in each country. Results of the measurement process are better fitting clothing, innovative design and highlighting workwear user need.

This is a tool to gain a competitive advantage which the SMEs will achieve? and hence a growing opportunity to enlarge business possibilities. Furthermore, innovative IT technology suppliers are analysed, and possibilities to integrate smart/IT technology with work wear clothing will be piloted. The effectiveness of the existing transnational supply chain will be benchmarked. The best practices will be disseminated among SMEs in the textile and clothing industry.

Highlights by mid-term:

The project has laid ground for developing smart workwear prototypes and enhancing the supply chain in the Baltic Sea region. Research partners performed 3D body scanning of 540 workers: military staff (Estonia and Latvia), workers of the chemical (Finland) and construction industries (Poland) as well as firefighters (Lithuania). A survey conducted in parallel assessed current workwear to identify drawbacks in the design and functionality. At a later stage of the project, the collected data will be used to develop workwear prototypes that fit better and are more functional. A market survey was carried out to identify available technologies for developing workwear.


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