TENTacle - Capitalising on TEN-T core network corridors for prosperity, growth and cohesion

May 2016 -
April 2019


Policy area:
3. Transport 3.1 Interoperability


The Baltic Sea Region is crossed by three core transport network corridors (CNCs), which together have the potential to stimulate positive effects beyond the pure transport sector and beyond the immediate territories they cross. The project aims to improve stakeholder capacity to reap benefits of the implementation of CNCs.


The TEN-T core transport network corridors (CNC) is a new instrument of the EU transport policy, aimed to resolve bottlenecks on major transport axes across Europe. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is crossed by three CNCs (ScanMed, North SeaBaltic and BalticAdriatic) and a broad range of stakeholders will be involved in the joint implementation.

The CNC approach has a large potential to stimulate development not only in the pure transport sector and in immediate territory, but also in more remote geographical areas, with advantages for the whole BSR. However, as this policy instrument is fairly new, the roles, responsibilities and impact thereof are fairly unknown, which may threaten its success.

The project aims to improve stakeholder capacity to reap benefits of the implementation of CNCs in the BSR. The project partnership, which includes organisations from all 11 BSR countries, will organise a joint response to identified capacity challenges and will assist public and market players around the Baltic Sea with solutions enhancing their ability to capitalise on the CNCs, irrespective of the geographical location.

As needs and expectations of the identified target groups differ from one area to the other, the project will carry out the capacity raising action on two levels:

• local/regional (to better connect stakeholders in various BSR areas to the CNCs) and

• macroregional (to make the strategic cooperation in transport at the BSR level more effective, with gains for transport planners, managers and operators in the BSR countries).

At the local/regional level the project will demonstrate how to strengthen positive CNC spillovers by place-based measures in different development contexts. Through interfacing with the identified target public and market actors the project will deliver plans and strategies containing policy- and business oriented solutions to:

1. guide the planners how to utilise the CNC investments as an impulse for local/regional growth, sustainable mobility and better logistics services
2. boost smarter and greener logistics chains along the CNCs
3. integrate the last mile CNC interface with the local/regional transport networks and the urban transport system
4. ensure the interoperability between the three CNCs crossing the BSR
5. reverse the economic decline processes through a better access and connectivity to the CNCs.

At the macroregional level the project will absorb pilot case results and through intensive stakeholder dialogue and additional analyses will work out win-win solutions for all BSR territories, irrespective of the distance to the CNCs.

Highlights by mid-term:

On TENTacle initiative, a Nordic transport group was established in cooperation with the Nordic Council and ten Nordic cross-border councils, national authorities and Nordregio to discuss and elaborate thematic maps on improvement needs for cross-border transport connections.

TENTacle brought the Central Scandinavia Borderland case for attention of the Nordic Thematic Group “Sustainable Cities and Urban Development” in order to get more help to analyse regional impact from improved cross-border connections.

The draft version of proposals for the prosperity and growth strategy for Karlstad region (part of Värmland) in Sweden was prepared.

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