TENTacle - Capitalising on TEN-T core network corridors for prosperity, growth and cohesion

May 2016 -
April 2019


Policy area:
3. Transport 3.1 Interoperability


The Interreg project TENTacle equipped public authorities and industry around the Baltic Sea with recommendations on how to benefit from the core transport network corridors in order to boost prosperity and growth around the Baltic Sea.

The opportunity

Unexploited potential for growth

The TEN-T core network corridors are an instrument of the EU transport policy that improves mobility on major transport axes across Europe by removing physical, technical and administrative bottlenecks. The Baltic Sea region is crossed by three core network corridors: Scan-Med, North Sea-Baltic and Baltic-Adriatic. Successful implementation of these corridors can trigger positive effects in the transport and mobility sectors and beyond them, as well as within and beyond the immediate territories the corridors cross.

More understanding needed

However, national, regional and local authorities, infrastructure managers, investors and transport and logistics companies have little knowledge of the instrument itself and how they can impact its implementation. Key players in the areas along the three corridors are too little dedicated to using corridor mobility to boost sustainable growth and prosperity actions. They fail to plan proper measures and mobilise financial support for investments. Last but not least, the potential arising from the corridors’ implementation is not exploited in transport planning, management, and activities in the region.


Piloting the core network corridors’ benefits

The project TENTacle actively involved local, regional and national authorities, research organisations and industry from eight countries around the Baltic Sea into a dialogue on the benefits and challenges related to the core transport network corridors crossing the region.

Nine pilot activities examined areas located in, close to and far away from the Scandinavian-Mediterranean, North Sea-Baltic and Baltic-Adriatic core network corridors. Each case offered public authorities and industry a comprehensive analysis of key growth challenges, suitable policy and optimal solutions for their region. Now, for example, Swedish Region Blekinge and Latvian Vidzeme Planning Region make use of the project recommendations for the corridor catchment areas, whereas the Värmland-Östfold Border Committee applies recommendations resulting from the Central Scandinavia Borderland pilot. Moreover, results compiled in the pilot on the tunnel connecting Danish Lolland and German Fehmarn (Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link) feed into the discussions at STRING, a political platform for Hamburg and Schleswig- Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand in Denmark and region Skåne in Sweden.

More cooperation in transport to come

TENTacle triggered several new initiatives, such as a Polish-Swedish interregional task force on extending the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor northwards, and teamed up with other Interreg projects: NSB CoRe and Scandria®2Act. The three projects joined their forces in presenting their results to decision makers in transport at the European Commission, including the European Coordinators of core network corridors. Now, the project is part of the BSR Access project platform, which contributes to further development of the corridors.

Thanks to EUR 2.75 million support from the European Union spent on developing action plans, pre-feasibility studies for key investments, new business models and transport strategies, the Interreg project TENTacle showcased how core transport network corridors can help boost growth and mobility in the Baltic Sea region, and trigger the development of smarter and greener logistics chains.

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